Why Specify Steel Lintels?

Steel is a universal lintel material capable of providing structural support under a wide range of loading conditions, from light to very heavy. Offering the perfect balance of size, strength, and practicality, it offers a wide selection of exterior and interior walls including custom channel designs. If you want to buy steel lintels you may go through anysizesteel.co.uk/fabricated-lintels/.

Vestal 3.5-in x 3.5-in x 42-in Steel Lintel in the Lintels department at Lowes.com

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The versatility of steel compared to other sheet lintels materials

Wood, stone, concrete, and steel can be used as lintels in different situations. There is a practical aspect to consider as to whether the size of the required lintel makes a material suitable or not. Materials must also function in the required situations and contribute to meeting building regulatory requirements. Wood, for example, cannot be used on external walls.

The manufacture of steel lintels allows for a wider variety of products, from relatively simple corners and channels, to box and cavity partitions, to special partitions for architectural features.

Steel lintels wall specifications can provide a one-stop supply for interior wall and partition wall products, as well as wood frame and masonry exterior wall panels.

Steel resistance

The size of the openings to be closed by the lintels and the load supported by the lintels are the main factors determining the lintel's specifications. The performance characteristics of the selected material then determine the size of the material required to serve as a lintel.

For relatively low loading conditions, concrete lintels, although heavy, is probably the best and least expensive option. However, as the sections and loads increase, the weight of the concrete lintels becomes very heavy.