What To Expect During And After A Gua Sha Facial Treatment?

Gua Sha is a combination of acupuncture, acupressure, and facial massage. It is a traditional Chinese medicine that has been used for thousands of years. The mask application itself does not cause any discomfort to the skin, yet it uses techniques such as light kneading and vibration to bring about desired results. To get the best out of a Gua Sha facial treatment, here are some things you can expect!

A Gua Sha facial is a treatment that uses pressure and massage to help improve circulation and remove toxins from the skin. It is used as a pre-treatment for many skin conditions, such as acne and rosacea, and can be used to treat wrinkles and age spots. The facial is simple to perform and can be performed at home by anyone with some basic knowledge of pressure and massage. After the treatment, your skin will feel soft and smooth. To get the Gua Sha anti-aging facial treatment then visit lanveur.com.

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If you are considering a Gua Sha facial, make sure to speak with your doctor about your specific needs. They can help you decide if this treatment is right for you. A Gua Sha facial is a traditional Chinese facial treatment that uses pressure and scraping to remove oil, dirt, and dead skin cells. 

During and after a Gua Sha facial, you may experience the following benefits: 

  • Neck and shoulder tension relief
  • Facial redness and swelling reduction
  • Wrinkle reduction
  • Elimination of blackheads and blemishes

A Gua Sha facial treatment will typically last anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour but can last up to 90 minutes. During the treatment, the therapist will use a sharp object, such as a knife or piece of wood, to scrape away at the skin. This procedure is often quite uncomfortable, but it is essential for achieving the desired results.