What Are The Different Types Of Chimney Relining In Milwaukee?

There are many types of fireplace surrounds that you can use to rearrange your fireplace. Even if you plan to use inserts, the cladding should protect your home from heat and fire and prevent heat transfer.

Heat transfer refers to the loss of heat through the chimney construction, which can reduce the efficiency of your heating element. You can also hire experts for chimney relining in Milwaukee area through https://chimneydoctors.com/services/relining/

Types Of Fireplace Cladding

There are three main types of relining materials that are used. Everyone has different applications and it is not always as easy as choosing a budget. The three types are:

Clay Tiles

Traditional chimney linings are made of clay or terracotta tiles. The tiles are rarely flat but in the shape of a square of pipe. The cladding lies in the chimney and reaches the lid. This style of chimney offers many advantages but is also used almost exclusively for new buildings.


This type is most often used when installing inserts in fireplaces. It is also becoming increasingly popular as an existing chimney coating method that can meet specifications for using metal casings. Metal can be in the form of a chimney, an insert that only passes through a part of the chimney, or it can be a full flue liner.

Cast-In Place

Cast in place is becoming increasingly popular in new homes and renovations. In this process, lightweight concrete material is poured into the inside of the chimney to form a new layer. The material is fire and heat resistant. This can be a process that requires the use of a matrix or form.

You don't have to make up your own mind which chimney lining process you need. Talk to the professional contractor who will be doing the job to find out what options are available to you.