What Are The Advantages Of Automatic Pool Covers

A number of features can add tremendous value to a swimming pool. For example, anyone who’s been reading these discussions should know by now that I’m a huge proponent of modern water treatment technology and equally passionate about proper hydraulics, circulation, filtration, and automated controls. 

Different types of covers are available, but none compare to the advantages of the electric pool shields for winterizing and year-round use.

Safe, Clean, and Convenient

The main reason people buy an automatic pool cover is for safety. That’s especially true for families with small children who are at the greatest risk of drowning. Automatic pool covers are among the most reliable safety features. 

First, because they are so easy to use, opening and closing at the touch of a button, homeowners are more likely to make sure the pool is covered when it’s not in use.

It’s a simple fact that when the cover is deployed, it’s impossible to fall in the water. After safety comes a list of some practical advantages covers offer. 

Energy Savings

One advantage most people don’t consider when thinking about whether or not to include an auto cover, although it’s a big one to be sure is energy savings.

The most energy used in a pool comes by way of heat loss due to evaporation, which is why all portable spas have thermal covers. An automatic cover on a pool dramatically reduces evaporation and ensures you’re not sending excess energy into the atmosphere.