Using 3 Point Lighting Setup in Studio Lighting and Stage Lighting

It is essential to set up the lighting in a studio for photo, news, or video shooting. This is possible with a mix of compact fluorescent and tungsten. Studio lighting must produce a balanced color temperature between 3200 K and 5400K, depending on whether it is used in conjunction with white light or daylight.

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It is a compact fluorescent that produces good natural light and is preferred for studio setups. Fluorescent light produces less heat (about 100W), so it can be placed closer to the subject to obtain the balance of sunlight without worrying about "melting" actors if used with an 800W source.

It is important to set up the studio using 3 points lighting, also known as fill light, key light, and backlight.

The most important light source is the key light. It will highlight the subject, contour it and add depth to the subject. Compact fluorescent fittings can make it brighter and more visible. It is approximately 45 degrees away from the line that runs between your subject's face and the camera.

The fill light, which shines from the side relative to the key lighting, is in the second position. It is usually softer than the key light, and it is placed further away to achieve the overall balance.

The third point is the "backlight" that shines at the subject from behind. It has the purpose of creating a rim of light around the shoulder or hair to highlight the contours and separate it from the background. This creates a fringe around hair and clothing edges, which is useful in professional photography.

The right lighting setup and 3 point lighting will make your photo or video look natural and more balanced. Your customer will be happy with the results.