Types of Consultants in Construction Management

Construction process needs the supervision of experts belonging to different fields. It is not just a job of one person to plan, strategize and execute everything in construction. Different types of engineers that take care of various departments involved makes your construction successful and complete. A construction usually needs an architect, civil engineer, electrical engineer, site developer, etc. Even if you can’t hire all the engineers you can hire a consultant. For your convenience you can hire consultants at ashgroup.com.

Types of consultants in construction management have an important role to play in taking the project in the right direction. For instance:


The basics of construction requires designing the structure of construction. An architect is an expert who designs the visual presentation of the project and then the things are taken further.

Land Surveyor

The land where you are about to start your construction needs to be deeply checked and analyze to know if it is a safe area that can stand a building or not. Land surveyor is responsible for the same job.


Civil, mechanical and geo-tech engineers are required to handle the different aspects of construction. The actual plan comes into the action with the help of engineers.

Building Surveyors

To check the status of a building, its final condition and the faults is very necessary before opening the gates for the public. Building surveyor does the job.