Tips For Buying Golf Clubs Online

There are plenty of opinions when it comes to buying golf gear online – what to do, what not to do, where to buy, where not to buy, etc. The buying tips in this section are a combination of my personal experiences, feedback in golf forums and research. I hope (and expect) that they'll be something in here to help you get what you want for the right price, with as little hassle as possible.


One of the quickest and easiest ways to get the best price is to shop around….very easy to do on the internet. Also, don't be afraid to ask an online store to price match, particularly on big ticket items such as full sets and new drivers.

You can also book Cumberland Golf Club online.

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Here are some other ways to save:


You can look around online for the best price, or take the lazy way out and use price comparison sites. On these sites, you enter the details of the golf club(s) you're looking to buy and they'll return a list of online stores selling it, with the price. It's not always easy to know whether you're comparing apples with apples, so these sites are often just a good starting point to narrow your options.


Many, if not most, online golf stores let you (beg you to!) sign-up to a regular newsletter. While you don't want your inbox filled with junk mail, if you're selective you can get some good discounts and special offers.

I signed up to The Golf Warehouse newsletter and was impressed with the value and frequency of their discount offers, including free shipping.