Thumb Sucking And Its Effect On Baby

You may realize that sucking a thumb is a reflected movement of your baby. But, do you realize that this then leads him to a bad habit? What effects are caused by this habit? As your kid grows older, it will be a soothing and joyful habit. He can suck his thumb, finger, arm, dot, or any other thing. Generally, children suck something to find a soothing feeling when they are hungry, scared, or bored.

Steps by steps, this habitual of sucking will stop when they are 3 years old. You can also buy thumb sucking guard online by visiting the Amazon Australia website.

What problems are caused by this habit?

Change the palate

Children who have sucking thumb habit, there will be an open bite in which their molars look as if they have touched each other but their open teeth are open. This can cause the changing of their palate because their thumbs press the palate.

This habit also brings a speech problem to children. They cannot spell T and D correctly. Generally, malocclusion can recover if the children stop sucking their thumb. But, if they cannot stop it, orthodontic treatment is needed to fix the problem of their teeth.

When can sucking thumb habits come to the problem?

It will be a problem when they are at the age of 4. High frequency of sucking thumb will make them have teeth or speech problems. The third important things that can cause that problem are the frequency, intensity, and duration of sucking.

When they are sucking thumb, their thumb will give pressure to the upper and front thumb. Meanwhile, the lower thumb will press the tongue and lower teeth and lips. It makes their jaw come inside. Children with sucking thumb habits generally do not have a proportional face.