Things You Might Want To Consider When Buying Plastic End Caps For Your Salon

The end cap is a small device that is designed to cover the pipe ends. This makes the pipe free of dirt and other contaminants that could find their way in during transport to the end-user after manufacturing.

Such protection also goes a long way in keeping corrosion at bay as it becomes difficult for moisture to accumulate in the pipeline. If you are looking for more information about custom salon capes then you can check here now.

Things You Might Want to Consider When Buying salon Caps

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1. Materials

Plastic end caps are made from different types of materials. You can find vinyl end caps or hats polyethylene and other plastic types. They all are plastic varieties that come with individual pros and cons and it's probably a good idea to consider your options so you can choose the material that you believe can withstand the conditions in which you will use end caps

2. Cap Shape and size

End caps come in various shapes to match the different shaped pipes and other applications. The most common shape is round, but there is also a square and rectangular plastic end caps. The type of use you have in mind should guide you to the best shape.

3. Style Cap

Plastic end caps also come in different styles and they are important considerations if at all you get the most suitable choice for your application.

You can choose from the cowl that offers coverage for different outside diameters or cap tubes that can be threaded, shallow, unlined, regular, or long to protect non-threaded and threaded tubes, packaging tubes, and rods. Another common style selection including caps tear tab, push-on cap, threaded and flanged caps now -threaded.