The Working Process Of Render Farm

When it comes to rendering projects, there are a variety of software visualization options on the market. Compared to all other visualization methods, an online farm visualization service appears to be the most reliable, cheapest and fastest option available. You can rent render farm from various companies like animationtech.

The following is a discussion of how the online rendering farm works.

Submit your project to the farm

There are several ways that an opening project can be sent to a farm for rendering. Here are three common ways to submit projects.


This is one of the easiest ways to upload files to the online preview arm. It's as easy as uploading a photo or file to a social network or email. However, users should be aware that files cannot be uploaded to the cloud in the form of an archive. It is recommended that you pre-process the file to include all textures and external libraries.

Turn it on

Inclusion options are relatively simple. Farms usually have the add-on required to upload 3D software which allows users to upload data directly to the farm. Also, multiple online farms will appear after the upload is complete.

File transfer protocol

Typically, online or cloud-based servers provide users with the address and port of the FTP (Port Transfer Protocol) server within the specification criteria in each farm. This document defines the types of file formats that are allowed to be uploaded and viewed, and usually includes instructions for organizing projects into separate folders.

Get the preview file

Accepting displayed files is the opposite of uploading files. The final product presented is downloaded via the website, plug-in or via FTP. Depending on the server, download details and specifications are explained by the online support team.