Talcum Baby Powder Ovarian Cancer Lawsuits

Talc is a silicate mineral that occurs naturally from the environment. For nearly a hundred years decorative companies have utilized the softness of this mineral as well as its moisture-absorbent attributes to make baby powder along with several other makeups. 

In general, the only true threat in using talcum powder is when it's been used across the genital regions, which is popular among women. Its usage has been associated with ovarian cancer.

talcum powder cancer attorneys

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It was in 1971 that doctors found contamination of talc deeply lodged in ovarian cysts. It was only in 1982 that the initial study that connected talc use with the beginning of ovarian cancer had been published.

In 2015 a research was printed securely linking the talc-cancer connection. The research concluded that the possibility of getting ovarian cancer rose by 30% for people using talc solutions.

Why do you have to file a lawsuit?

Due to the strong correlation between the usage of Johnson baby powder along with the start of cancer, after prolonged usage of Johnson & Johnson talc products that you were told you've got ovarian cancer, then you might qualify for a damages settlement. 

If your situation reaches a positive outcome, you could have the ability to receive reimbursement to cover psychological and financial compensation. This could include:

-payment of medical bills.

-reimbursement for reduction of loss of salary.