VW Golf GTI Performance Parts

The Volkswagen Golf GTI is known for its price as one of the most reliable, best designed, and best performing cars on the market. That's why it's fun to upgrade your GTI with parts and accessories designed for performance by the best parts brands and manufacturers. 

This article aims to help you build your own sleeping Volkswagen Golf GTI with a simple step-by-step upgrade guide. You can modify as much as you can afford, or if money isn't an issue, build your own horrible street GTI and get it on track. You can also get more information about VW Golf GTI performance exhaust via xforce.eu/exhausts-by-vehicle/volkswagen.

1- Simple Performance Combination – K&N Hi-Flow Air Cleaner, Synthetic Oil Change, Computer Chip

2- Cold Air Intake Names – K&N Typhoon, AEM, Neuspeed P-Flo, and Injen are good brands.

3- Efficient exhaust system from Kat – we recommend Magnaflow, Neuspeed, HKS, Borla, GReddy.

4- Add water/methanol injection. Snow Performance and Cooling Mist are good brands.

5- Update the distributor valve, add a gain controller, and more custom chips.

6- Start digging inside the engine – camshaft, forged interior, ported and polished head. You will then need to further tune the engine with torque or a standalone fuel management system.

7- Nitrogen Add nitrogen, run race gas/ethanol, turbo system, or larger twin turbos

When you add more horsepower, you need a better suspension and a better drivetrain to handle it all. Upgrade the suspension or strengthen it with supports, rocker arms, and roller cages.