All About Decorative Beam Box

Decorative box beams are a terrific way to make a room together. Together with our economy the way it is at this time, people just can't afford a new house, but timber beams may make your house feel fresh and lavish! 

Box beams are fine to have in one's house since it brings the room together, and they are utilized to conceal some lighting, wiring, or sprinklers. To get more information about wooden beams you may visit

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All wood has been living at some point or another, and over time each of the moisture leaves the timber. 

These beams are more practical since they are lighter subsequently strong wooden beams. Box beams are always better to the ceiling since it will not weigh down how strong beams do.

A lot of men and women become retrieved wooden beams. Engineered wood is merely wood which is already used for a different function and salvaged to reuse. By employing the reclaimed wood, you'd be helping the woods and the environment.

3 Steps To Put in a Wooden Box Beam

1.Assess the space and choose where you'd like your wooden box ray to go. Have a pencil and mark on the ceiling that is the width of this column. Then spend the timber and set it on the interior of the pencil marks you made before. A basic gun and screws operate best when attaching the timber.

2. Measure and reduce the column into your desired length. You will require grinders which you may grind the endings to fit flawlessly against the wall socket.

3. Blend the box beam into the timber and nail it into position. If the beam doesn't match, simply do a bit more grinding as vital.

Things you may need:

  • • Box Beams
  • • Tape measure
  • • Saw
  • • Square
  • • Finish Nail gun
  • • Grind w/ sanding disk 
  • • Screw rifle
  • • 2×2 timber

Please keep in mind that these are directions for doing it yourself. For completely professional, real-seeming beams, there's no substitute for a certified professional that specializes in the creation and installation of those beams.