The Difference Between A Paint Store And An Auto Body Shop

Paint is a mixture of pigment and solvent, which is applied to a surface to create a visual effect. Different types of paint can be used for different purposes, such as to cover up dirt or to change the color of a surface. Many people choose to use paint to improve the appearance of their vehicles.

According to the National Automobile Dealers Association Foundation, there are over 350 different types of paint available on the market today. To ensure that your vehicle's paint job is performed by a professional automotive painter, it is important to choose a reputable painter. The panel store Foundation has created a list of five tips for choosing an automotive painter at

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1. Ask friends or family members who have had work done by a particular painter if they were satisfied with the results.

2. Check online reviews of painters before deciding who to hire. Look for reviews that mention specific details about the painting process, such as quality of work and turnaround time.

3. Ask if the painter offers a warranty or other guarantee of quality workmanship.

4. Ask whether the painter has any experience working on your make and model of car.

5. Request references from the painter before hiring him or her. 

There are many benefits to ordering paint from a reputable automotive painter. Â One of the most important distinctions is that a paint store is not typically qualified to do auto body work. Â This means that if you need your car painted, you will need to contact an auto body shop.