Models And Operation Process Of Jaw Crusher

The jaw crusher is a recently produced crushing machine that adopts some attributes of old-fashioned crushers.

The machine belongs to a new generation of products to replace the old broken machine. For more information about jaw crusher for sale visit

Jaw crusher is usually divided into the compound pendulum jaw crusher and two types of simple pendulum jaw crusher, mainly used for coarse, medium broken.

Lately, the compound jaw crusher utilized for crushing and grinding of high strength, high hardness, and low carbon ferrochrome powerful crusher.

As most of us know, the main problem is your jaw crusher jaw, low life. To this end, the business developed a special substance, to enhance the boot process to prevent overload damage, still on the mainframe using a fluid coupling, and improved device performance.

1, To obey the casting gear common operational processes.

2, Assess V-belt (or horizontal belt) tightness and wear, like overly tight too loose, or badly worn, should immediately adjust or replace the belt.

3, The use of the test both sides of the board, for example, intense wear and tear should be substituted.

4, as stated by the process requirements, adjust the opening size of the palate.

5, like shields, or hoods aren't intact, it's not allowed to drive to be able to prevent personal injury.

6 Hand drive fixed flywheel or pulling the belt to confirm that the unit is rotating flexible to be able to no-load test.

7, Empty of equipment in normal operation, simply to allow feeding broken. Feeding should be uniform, not permitted to join different materials.

8, Continuous focus on the material conditions, if any congestion is there then should be immediately dredged.