Discover How To Remove Ceramic Tile From Your Kitchen Floor

Have you ever considered putting down new tile or engineered wood flooring in your kitchen? Before you can put down new flooring, you'll first need to learn how to remove the tile floor in your current living space. The process isn't complicated, but the amount of labor required to remove tile flooring can be gruesome if you don't follow the proper steps. Matt from TailHappyTV created a video showing how to remove tile from any floor in your home using a hammer and chisel. He describes how to remove tile in the most efficient and effect way for very little cost. At the end of his video he tells the viewers he saved over $400 by removing tile as a DIY project instead of hiring a professional to come into his home and pull up each and every tile.

If you have a small space you want to remove tile from you may find the advice in this how to remove tile especially beneficial. You can probably get the job done without buying any additional tools or hardware from the local home improvement store. If you have a bigger space spanning several hundred feet you may want to learn how to remove tile using power tools or simply hire a professional if you don't have the time to do it all on your own. Regardless of your intention, you can probably learn a thing or two about how to remove tile in this quick eight minute video from TailHappyTV.