Different Types of Gas Masks and Respirators

A gas mask is personal protective equipment. It is regulated by EN140 for half-mask respirators and EN136 for full-face respirators. Among their large range of filters, RD DIN40 single-filter nato gas mask with universal 40mm filters are the most popular. There are also complete gas masks family kits and hoods systems available.

Full-face respirator

Full-face respirators, also known as panoramic respirators, offer users a wide field of vision up to 98%. They are lighter than half-mask respirators and provide complete protection for the eyes and breathing tracts, making them safer.

They can be fitted with filtering cartridges up to 300g, including complete particles or gas protective combinations such as ABEK2-P3 filters. These are the most commonly used cartridges in the industry.

Half-mask respirator

The lower half of the respiratory protective mask covers the nose and mouth. The mask is made of a soft seal with an adjustable harness that protects the breathing tubes. Half mask respirators however present two main usage restrictions:

– Substances that are to be filtered shall not cause irritation to the eyes such as chlorine, ammonia, derivatives, nitrous, sulfuric, or hydrochloric acid…

– Filtering cartridges should not exceed 300g. This limits the number of particles and gases that are combined in cartridges such as the ABEK2-P3 filtering carts

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