DoorDash Rating Process Explained

Explained ratings

Assessment is a way to evaluate DoorDash Dasher quality and competence. Ranks are updated every 100 deliveries and provided by the customer.

A DoorDasher can earn more on the basis of its ratings. To be a DoorDasher you need to download DoorDash delivery app via so that you can also earn more.

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One of the most acceptable ways for every company to evaluate and measure the success and satisfaction of customers and employees is through Key Performance Indicators (KPI). KPIs are set to measure certain factors in the service, and rank offers insight into how they met.

DoorDash calls them IBC; Rating stars. Customers are given the opportunity to rate their satisfaction regarding dasher in accordance with the terms of service, or their perception of what the service is about what they expected to be. Therefore, the higher the rating means more respect for Dasher and lower rating means less attention.

What can rank based on?

Timeliness, communication, and Courtesy.

A Dasher must be quick and on time with all the timings, if there is a delay with the merchant, telling customers, do not let them wait, all the time to boil and blame. By communicating with customers, dasher will relieve any tension and anxiety transferring to the correct source. 

Courtesy is a must, even if you meet with vendors and customers in the earth’s worst, smile, say please and thank you, and make a note and send it to the DoorDash services so that they can know that there is a problem between the merchant and the customer.