Distributed Audio Systems For Your Entertainment Center

As one of the main components of any entertainment system, your speakers make up the audio component of your environment. Whether you want to listen to music or watch movies, the high-quality sound will make you satisfied with your choice.

If you try the audio system at the store, be sure to bring music or movies that you are familiar with to get a better feel for the speakers in question. Also remember that because of the different acoustics, what you hear in the store or in a dedicated screening room may sound different from what you hear in your home environment.

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When buying an audio system, look for the words "warm" and "bright". The term "warm" is usually the opposite of "bright" where there is a softer sound with less emphasis on the higher frequencies. "Bright" denotes the speaker with an emphasis on clear, crisp sound. 

While the colors and shapes of the audio system are the best, if given a choice, they should match the environment. The idea is to make the speaker as comfortable as possible by blending into the background. Square or rectangular speakers can be adjusted as needed, although curved or triangular speakers fit better in corners.

When installing, position the audio system evenly spaced on either side of the center – usually in your media cabinet – for even sound. Make sure you have sufficient power output for your speakers as each may require its own cable.

A subwoofer is a speaker designed to increase bass and should be evenly spaced with the other speakers on either side of the center.