Boosting The Immune System Is the Foundation Of A Healthy Horse

Keeping your horse optimal health is vital for anyone, especially those whose profession is competing. Every moment a horse is sick or not in shape can mean lost money. The use of horse supplements such as Excel Digest Zynolix, Equicell Boostassure or Excel with helping your immune system of horses is essential to a healthy horse. 

Of course, you want to know why you should use something more than natural foods to keep your horse healthy. The main reason is that you want the best for your animals and because of the competitive nature of things the average power is not enough to keep them well. You can also make use of another thing such as ACS technology which is completely 100% chemical and drug-free so as to keep your horse healthy if in any case, it worsens. 

Nutrition and immunity in the equine - IVC Journal

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Vitamin A:

Body horses do not always convert their food in the right amounts of vitamin A. The use of horse supplements helps reduce the factor involved in your horse's body doing its job. Vitamin A is essential for- vision, reproduction aides, proper digestion and many more.

Vitamin D:

Like vitamin D in people, which helps in keeping the health of bones and teeth. The general condition of their teeth shows whether the animal receives the right amount of vitamin D. The use of horse supplements helps to increase their calcium intake and the body's ability to absorb calcium. 

Vitamin E:

This vitamin is essential for the immune system of a horse. The protection of the blood against free radicals is essential to ward off a serious blood condition called a thrombus. This can be debilitating to a horse. Vitamin E helps to keep the blood flowing properly and the heart strong while keeping the muscles lose their strength.