Info On Types Of Stained Glass

When choosing glass for stained glass projects, you have many options to choose from. Glass comes in a variety of colors, textures, patterns from various manufacturers.

Prices will vary by manufacturer, color, pattern, and texture. Red and orange glass is usually more expensive than other available colors, such as those made with precious metals to obtain the color. There are various types of glasses which you can use to make art glass project, for example, bullseye reactive glass.

Let's see the different types of glasses made by different manufacturers:

Bullseye Reactive Glass offers a wide range of sheets, accessories, and equipment. In your Resource Center, you have the option to choose the class from its wide variety of class offerings. You can also purchase your products from your resource center.Glass painting is an art that can create miracles when done properly. 

Cranberry Pink Transparent Frit: Fine 1lb


The manufacturers of Spectrum offer special glass that is Waterglass, Baroque, Antique, Iridescent, a mix of multi-colored, and textured glass colors. The spectrum factory is located in Washington.


Uroborus offers more than 150 color combinations and more than a dozen different styles and textures.


Armstong offers more than 500 different colors, types, and textures. You can choose from over 10,000 pieces of stained glass and art, as well as glass fuses, supplies, and more.