Symptoms Of Teenage Depression

Although the problem of depression among teenagers is a serious issue, not everyone is aware of the concept. For one thing, teens undergo many shifts in their behavior however depression in teens is more dangerous than this.

Adults can sometimes blame it on hormones or ignore it as part of the normal teenage mood swings or outbursts; however, if left untreated or not addressed the effects of depression in teens can lead to a permanent condition of depression, and often even suicide. Counseling can help a lot in these situations and if you want to consider taking the help of a counselor then you can visit for child counseling in San Antonio.

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Signs of Depression in Teenage

It's vital to recognize behavior warning signs. It is important to note that certain mood changes are more severe than others, and one should not instantly jump to conclusions in dealing with the emotions of a teenager. 

Being attentive and able to discern between mood swings as well as negatively destructive behaviors is an essential aspect of managing depression in teens.

What are the indicators that suggest that a teen has depression? The most obvious signs of depression include:

  • long periods of irritability.

  • We feel hopeless and depressed.

  • Loss of joy in the normal routine and things to do.

  • The constant feeling of inadequacy and unworthiness.

  • deteriorating performance in school.

  • social isolation.

  • excessive crying and sadness.

  • Physical and/or verbal assault.

  • Suicidal thoughts, suicidal ideas.

Teens with depression may also exhibit destructive behaviors and engage in activities like alcohol and drugs as well as self-injury as a way to express their feelings.