Saving Money On Car Detailing

With today's fuel prices, we consumers are on the move, trying to save more money on our cars. It is important to treat the exterior of your car and apply wax paint.

A lot of people want detailed information about their car and that doesn't come cheap. The average price for a full part when you get it and wash the car is a little over $150, so that could set you back a bit. You can also check car detailing prices online via

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The average cost to detail your car at a retail store is $140, but the average cost to detail your car from mobile auto parts in your home or office is $130.

This means that on average, you can save more than $20 if you have cell phone details at home or work detailing your car. Plus, you may feel more comfortable because you don't have to sit in the car wash and wait for your car to be inspected or left without your car at the auto parts store.

This is your advice to save money on car details. Usually, if you choose to get molded parts at a car wash, you can find prices for around $50, and handsets cost around $40 for the same service.

The average price for a simple hand candle is around $40 almost anywhere and around $25-30 with car wash and mobile detailing. You can find cheaper deals when shopping either at a car wash or at a car wash and detail service.