Responsibilities Of Human Resources for Office Managers in Melbourne

Office managers frequently form part of their management team, because of being the line supervisors for Administrative assistant, secretaries, office junior, junior secretaries, and maybe other kinds of office support functions. You can check the best Melbourne HR online for the proper office management.

Hiring / Firing

Should you handle your staff, it usually means you will manage the hiring process for your staff. This usually means that an Office Manager will be tasked with hiring to get their own team.

The Traveller

What does this comprise?

  • Establishing a Work Role (Locate a Good Illustration of the )
  • Get an employment role accepted by supervisors and HR.

The connection with HR is Very Likely to continue when You Have Discovered the Acceptable candidate:

  • Liaise with HR over Job contract and offer particulars.
  • Liaise with HR through the hiring process concerning background checks.
  • Agree on launch dates frequently through HR.

Other typical managerial requirements:

Holiday, Sickness, and Leave Calendars

You Might Need to Keep Holiday, Sickness, and Leave Calendars. This may indicate Implementing any HR policies for all these regions. (This may have a demand for successive leave, reporting greater than 7 days off work and making sure a minimum amount of leave is accepted annually ).

Evaluation Process

You'll have to make certain that the evaluation process is done and agreed upon prior to the deadline. This may be very intricate and must be conducted like a job, based upon your organization.


All directors will confront a resignation at the same point or another. This will indicate liaising with HR.