Reasons Why People are Switching To Reusable Paper Straws

If you've been on social media lately, your event may have been inundated with anti-plastic posts from environmentalists. Single-use plastics are a hot topic among conservationists because they are usually only used once before being sent to landfill.

Of all single-use plastics, plastic straws get a lot of media coverage because of their negative impact on our environment. However, there is one solution that makes your business feel good is a reusable paper straw. You can find the best reusable straws in Amsterdam via .

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If you need to be more persuasive, these few facts will prove why your business needs to turn to green business today.

Plastic straws cannot be recycled

You may feel comfortable throwing plastic straws in the trash but your straws likely won't be recycled. The plastic straws are small enough that they can't get past the mechanical sorter at the recycling center. That means, regardless of your efforts to recycle, they end up in landfills or in the ocean.

Paper straw is available

In recent years, the price of biodegradable straws has fallen. People can now buy paper straws in bulk at a very reasonable price. 

Durable plastic

Unlike paper, plastic can take hundreds of years to break down. Polypropylene, the type of plastic most plastic straws make, is one reason. Plastic straws last more than 200 years in landfills. And in the oceans, plastic straws never decompose completely – they just break down into smaller microplastics.