PPC And CPM Online Advertising Network In India

CPM and PPC are the two most prominent ways to get paid for having a website or a blog. Now, what do the two stand for, CPM means Cost-per-Thousand-Impressions or the amount of money you get when one thousand people see the ads?

PPC stands for Pay-per-Click, this is simply the amount of money you earn each time someone clicks on the ad. To figure out what type of ad is best is your job, as it is different for every website. You can also click here now to get more information about advertising networks.

A website with a high click-through rate is probably going to do well with PPC ads and a site that gets lots of views but does not have a very high click-through rate is going to do well with CPM ads.

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PPC (pay per click) networks are used on websites where advertisers pay fees to their hosts as soon as you click on their ads. Using search engines, advertisers usually offer axioms for keywords related to the triggered market.

Content websites usually charge a fixed price for each click, rather than adopting a bidding method.

Currently, there are many CPM systems that use several online ad networks on a large scale. In this case, if you do not receive permission from the Google AdSense settings, you must choose an alternative Google AdSense. For more information, see this CPM system.