Methanol & Its Derivatives – An Overview

Methanol and its derivatives are one of the important components of the global economy. Methanol products such as formaldehyde and acetic acid created through chemical reactions are used to create plastic, synthetic fabrics, fibers, and clothing. It is also used for construction purposes and as a chemical in the pharmaceuticals field. You can also navigate to to get more knowledge regarding methanol and derivatives.

Half of the global methanol capacities are based on natural gas especially in the countries that have a high amount of natural gas reserves like the US Gulf Coast, Middle East, and South America. The regions which do not have natural gas reserves can gasification of coal petroleum residues like petcoke, plastics, and biomass can provide a cost-competitive method for producing methanol. 

Methanol has the same cost structure as the methanol produced through pre-combustion carbon capture and the methanol produced from natural gas when the cost of CO2 emissions is taken into account. It helps to produce clean flues and reduce dependency on imported crude oil & derivatives and other downstream products.

Various companies are working to produce it through the gasification process, Dastur Energy is one among them. Dastur Energy has helped some of the largest refiners in the Middle East and India convert waste petcoke residues to a methanol-based product portfolio. Their goal is to enable methanol production at competitive costs of US$180-200/tonne, by utilizing indigenous high-ash coal and refinery residues such as petcoke..