Know About Cloud Computing Services

The latest technological breakthroughs have paved the way for IT, and Countries are ready to do a great job in cloud computing. This service can be customized, offered, and personalized through custom utilities.

It's just about offering IT related resources such as storage, networking, applications and system security. This service is based on usage fees. You can benefit from superior flexibility and security with best-in-class cloud based solutions.

Cloud computing consists of hardware and software resources provided on the Internet and managed by third parties. This service allows users to access high-quality software applications and high-end computer server networks.

Cloud providers offer their services through three main models.

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It stands for Infrastructure as a Service; this is the most basic service model. These usually offer computers such as virtual machines or more often virtual resources and storage. In other words, it rents out your IT infrastructure.

Storage, calculation and network systems are available here, with which you can install your own operating system and software applications.


In short for Platform as a Service. In this model, cloud providers trade with computer platforms such as operating systems, runtime programming languages, web servers, and databases.

Typically, this is for application developers who develop software applications using cloud computing platforms without having to bear the costs and hassle of buying and installing the underlying hardware and software layers.


Short for software as a service. Here, the cloud offers various software applications installed in the cloud and from which users can access and use it from anywhere when they are connected to the Internet. This eliminates the need to have and install software on your own system.