How To Restoring Your Terrazzo Floors


The floor is probably dulled, stained, and brimming with holes caused by the tacks on the carpet that are so annoying. It could be an enormous job that can cause many headaches and stress, but the process of restoring floors made of terrazzo isn't necessarily difficult.

Terrazzo is a mix made up of marble chips as well as epoxy or concrete. It will be a determinant of a number of aspects-from the materials you can use to fill in cracks or holes that occur to you, to which products can be used to clean your new terrazzo flooring. For any additional information regarding terrazzo floors visit




This is an important aspect to be brought up first. There is a myriad of products available to clean new terrazzo floors. However, don't believe that simply because they are on the shelves at your local home depot, means the product is safe or appropriate for your flooring. There are many different products there that aren't just not suitable for certain kinds of terrazzo but can cause harm to the flooring.

In most cases, giving your flooring a thorough mopping using warm water to remove the dirt will suffice. After making needed repairs, you'll be in a position to polish your Terrazzo. This will remove dirt without the need for chemical cleaners and can be beneficial due to a number of reasons. 

Polishing terrazzo is the process of grinding an even layer of terrazzo on the floor's surface. This removes any stained or discolored terrazzo from its surface and exposes a clear and fresh layer. If you've noticed any patches that are discolored or stained, you can rest assured that they'll be uniform after polishing your Terrazzo.