How To Install Car Decals?

Vinyl car decals are an excellent product as they are not only customizable They can be applied directly onto the vehicle and appear as if applied with paint.

When installing car stickers, customers are often intimidated. Because of the vinyl adhesive, there is usually only one chance to attach the car sticker properly. You can choose custom car or van signage & decals via Vehicle Vinyl Wrapping Romeoville.

However, if you think things through, take the time, and work with care, applying bumper stickers should be pretty easy.

Step 1: Clean your car thoroughly and let it dry. If you apply a wax mask while cleaning your car, wait a few days for the wax to fully harden before applying the sticker. Uncured automotive wax can cause vinyl adhesion problems.

Step 2: Use masking tape to attach the top of the sticker to the body of your car. If your bumper sticker is very large, find a partner who can help you install it.

Step 3: Using a squeegee, apply the part of the label that will be exposed to the vehicle. Slide-out from the center of the sticker to squeeze out any air bubbles. Proceed to the sticker and remove the bandage as you walk.

Step 4: After the decal has been placed, check it for wrinkles and bubbles using the squeezer. If you're having trouble you can use a pin to lightly pop out the balloon, then smooth it out with your fingers.