How to Get Rid of Crow Feet With Botox?

Have you noticed the wrinkles in the corners of your eyes? Well, it can be very artistic, but as your skin ages, you are likely to have permanent wrinkles known as crow's feet and some of their smile lines or character lines. It is known that these are early signs of aging and appear when a person is in their mid-twenties.

Crow’s feet are more visible when your upper facial muscles are engaged. The Botulinum Toxin for crow feet can relax muscles and cause wrinkles in the corners of your eyes.

Crow's feet botox

Botox, originally known as botulinum toxin, blocks chemical signals traveling from your nerves to your muscles, telling you which muscles shouldn't work. Botox is FDA-approved, but you should always seek out a qualified and experienced beautician to apply it. This reduces the chances of complications. The best thing about Botox is that it doesn't require idle time and you can do household chores without any distractions.

The toxin is given by small injection into selected muscles around your eye, and because no anesthetic is used, you may experience some discomfort. Red spots and slight swelling may appear on the treated area, which will disappear within the first few hours. Your beautician will give you an ice pack to apply to the treatment area to aid healing. Take acetaminophen if you have a slight headache, but remember that you are not taking aspirin.

The results are visible in the first week of treatment. Do not engage in strenuous activity during the first 24 hours and avoid lying down for the first few hours. Do not rub the treated area, as the poison can reach nearby muscles, which can cause your eye to get stuck. Follow your cosmetic doctor's instructions at all times to get the best results from your Botox treatment.