How to choose a great tech support company

Technology is used by small and medium-sized businesses as well as large corporations. Small and medium-sized businesses often need to be more responsive to changing technology to stay competitive in local markets and against larger competitors. 

Smaller companies may find it difficult to maintain a sufficient level of tech support due to a lack of resources. Is it a good idea to outsource Managed IT Services, 24/7 IT Support, & ERP Solutions for your business? Here are some things to keep in mind:

* Have you created a backup plan for data and systems?

* Are you able to track and monitor important tasks such as backups?

* Think about your future and current needs. Will your website be used more? Are you planning to install new accounting software? 

* Communication – Your tech support partner should be easy to work with and communicate well, without using too much tech-talk.

* Calculate Service – Your tech support partner must outline their ability to respond to your problems and how they plan on updating your systems. Do they plan to perform server maintenance or daily backups? What data will they archive? Who do you call if there is a problem? What speed will they respond to the problem?

* Protect privacy – Your tech support partner may have access to sensitive data. Therefore, they should include in their agreement a privacy policy and security policy that restricts the use of corporate information to only support your business. Your security and password policies should be respected by your tech support partner.