How Israel Planned to Recall Civilian Gas Masks

Israel planned to recall millions of gas masks, in part because the threat of a biological or chemical attack from Iraq decreased with the fall of Saddam Hussein, the Associated Press reported in March 20, 2003).

The Israeli Security Cabinet made the decision to recall the gas masks and Israeli G.I. civilian adult NBC protective gas mask hood blower system from citizens, AP reported. The mask collection program helped to avoid the cost of resupplying mask components, a move that would have been necessary to maintain their effectiveness, officials said.

Types of threats


Biological weapons are the deadliest weapons ever produced. Germs don’t respect borders, so biological threats—manmade and naturally occurring—can quickly have global impacts. Although only a few countries are suspected of having biological weapons, rapidly producing and weaponizing biological agents is surprisingly easy.


If a nuclear weapon is exploded in a major city, the blast center would be hotter than the surface of the sun. Tornado-strength winds would spread the flames and a million or more people could die. Survivors would have no electricity, no transportation, no phones and hospitals would be overwhelmed if they were still standing.