Hosting A Wine Tasting Dinner

A great weight to conduct a wine tasting party is to combine it with a wine tasting dinner. It would not be a great idea to try to do this for a party of 20 or more, but for a more intimate party of 4 to 8 friends. A wine tasting dinner is a great idea.

So the first thing you want to do is to decide what type of wine you would like to serve your dinner. If you're given a small and you really loved it, entertained, you could go through the whole realm of wine, starting with a white wine with the first course, movie onto a red wine with your next course, and in a dessert wine with your dessert.

But how do you figure out what wine to serve with what food? There are no hard and fast rules, but as you get into more and more wine tasting, you'll find that certain foods go better with certain wines.

As a general rule, light foods such as seafood, fish, poultry, Asian foods, go better with white wine. The heavier foods like beef, and lamb, will go better with red wines. And for an after-dinner treat, you can serve either a dessert or cheeses with a dessert wine.

If you want to start off your dinner with some appetizers, you might try serving some oysters paired with a sauvignon blanc or a Chardonnay. For your next course, if you want to stay with the sauvignon blanc, you could choose some grilled fish and pasta with cream sauce.