Find the Best Stock Broker in Kenya

A stock broker is required if you intend to invest in the stock market, or if you have a plan that involves selling and buying stocks. A brokerage company employs brokers to handle the selling and buying of stocks. If you intend to sell or buy stocks on the stock market, a broker is necessary.

Best Forex Broker must pass two difficult tests in order to be licensed. A majority of stockbrokers have a bachelor's or masters degree, and many have some background in finance or business. A stock broker is different from a stock market analyst. Stock market analysts analyze the stock exchange to predict how a stock will perform. Stock brokers buy or sell stocks according to the instructions of investors.

Most stockbrokers earn commissions per sale. Every time you tell your stockbroker that you want to sell or buy stocks, a percentage is earned. For a flat fee, some brokers may charge a transaction fee.

It is also important to decide whether you prefer a discount broker or full-service broker. A discount broker will only buy and sell stocks, and they will do exactly what you ask them to. Full-service brokers may be able to offer investment advice and more types of investment. They may also be paid commissions.