Domestic Violence and Civil Charges in Toronto

Domestic violence is a crime. If someone is accused of domestic violence, he/she may have to face trials in court. If found guilty one can be punished with a series of fines or jail punishment.

This may not be the only accusation one faces. In cases of violent crimes where people are physically or mentally injured, the accused can also be prosecuted under civil law by domestic assault attorneys. These cases are heard in civil courts, and if the person has been convicted of the charges, they may owe the plaintiff financial compensation.

In other words, people who suffer harm in their homes by their loved ones may be eligible for financial compensation from those people. To apply for this compensation, it is recommended that victims of domestic violence speak with an experienced personal attorney first.

Usually, civil proceedings take place after criminal proceedings are completed; Cases do not occur simultaneously. In civil proceedings, a person and their attorney must prepare a case to prove that the defendant is guilty of their injury. This is known as the burden of proof and rests with the plaintiff.

Although individuals cannot be found guilty of any criminal charge, they can be civilly punished as the two cases are tried separately. Therefore, one should not be discouraged from taking a civil action against an offended person who is found not guilty of a crime.