Disrupting The Sports Industry With Augmented Reality

The industry is taking over bad reality technology. It is universal, portable and easy to implement, making this technology infinitely customizable for every sector. Let's examine how the sports industry has changed significantly under the leadership of Augmentation reality marketing.

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Wikitude has been a pioneer in the AR industry since 2008 and has established itself as a leading technology provider for consumers and businesses. This year marks the technology that has officially reached maturity and is accelerating the pace of adoption in various industries due to the global pandemic.

PwC's pre-pandemic estimates predict the XR sector will add up to $ 1.5 trillion in global GDP by 2030. That statement is still true. Apart from the impressive numbers, one of the main features of AR is portability and easy activation via personal devices. According to ARtillry sales estimates, there are currently nearly 3 billion smartphones on the planet that can support AR experiences. 

How does AR disrupt the sports sector specifically?

AR in sport: Theory and practice

In recent years, consumer and consumer perspectives on the introduction of AR have changed dramatically. Today, this technology is pervasive in our daily lives with the help of social media filters and applications and has a higher value than the original "wow" effect. 

Fans and fans of the sport, in particular, seem to have found what they were looking for. Accessible technology (whether at home or at the stadium) evokes genuine emotions and helps you connect with your favourite teams and athletes in exciting new ways. Wikitude has been in the game for a decade, serving the needs of the most popular sports brands and agencies.