Common Types Of Food Allergy Test

Testing for food allergies is done under the care of a specially trained physician. These physicians are able to perform different tests to determine whether a person is intolerant or allergic to other substances or food.

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There are usually two types of food allergy tests, namely the "scratch" test and blood work. The scratch test is more common as it is less costly and more substances can be tested at a time. To carry out this test, the skin is prepared with small link outlines and a small amount of the substance or substances being tested for are either placed on the skin or just under it, then left alone for at least 15 minutes.

Generally, physicians will start the test by performing a physical examination according to your health history. They will have to know when the first time you observed the symptoms. As part of your testing process, your physicians may do many diagnostic tests. The removal of a diet plan is a common method of testing.

After the tests have been carried out, an allergist will discuss the outcomes with you and explain any allergic reactions that they found and also what they suggest as a type of treatment.