Common Criteria – IT Security Evaluation

Common criteria (CC) is a group of standards created to establish a productive method of specifying the degree of security using a Target of Evaluation (TOE). These standards were created by a multinational board of IT security classes. Back in coalition with many groups which are responsible for federal criteria, the CC managed to shoot shape, a few of those groups standard comprise:

Trusted Computer System Evaluation Criteria (TCSEC)- These standards reflect the standards needed, and also trusted by the Miami businesses and companies to ensure security of a TOE. To get more information you can search best IT security services via

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IT Security Evaluation Criteria (TCSEC)- The approach in these types of criteria is centered on a security degree classification. Unlike TCSEC, ITSEC collection of standards uses a hierarchical method of discovering security degrees.

Predicated on the similarities and differences of TCSEC and ITSEC and the international demand for this security, it had been crucial to agree with an standardized multinational class group to guarantee compatibility and assurance over various states, thereby inspiring the structure and execution of the common criteria.

The objective of the common criteria will be always to begin one group of IT security criteria for world wide usage. The reason was to solve both the technical and technical differences seen in different criteria and deliver the best leads of ISO as a suggested standard. 

Frequent criteria has been the product of multinational corporations. Globalization saves money and time as it eliminates the necessity for a number of tests when doing international organization. Frequent criteria is targeted on security objectives along with the related risks.