Choosing Toys For Your Kids

We all see the toy advertisements all year long. These advertisements appear on television, on the radio and in print, both in magazines and in newspapers. Of course, the number and intensity of these advertisements has doubled in the last few months of the year. Our experience often shows that many toys are just moods.

They are advertised so that children only ask to receive them, and once they are accepted, they are often discarded after several uses. You can also buy the best and top-ranked toys for your kids via

During those years I often chose toys that encouraged creativity or thought. For example, we always have word games. We have Scrabble, Boggle and Word Yahtzee, for adults and children. This game has helped my children develop a love of words.

They follow patterns and make robot drawings and only make composite structures without any real definition. They like to build and create. When they are old enough, we buy iron on pearl designs and they make and create more.

They make magnets and bookmarks in unexpected ways. Crossword books, logic puzzles, and word search books are always very popular in our home. Of course, these types of books are for older children, not for groups under 5 years.

We always buy lots of workbooks where my two children like to sit and work. Under 5 we bought many shapes and counting games. Reading numbers and calculating intervals is fun when they're young.