Check Out This New Skin Rejuvenation Technique

HydraFacial is a new, completely non-invasive skin rejuvenation technique. Unlike other procedures where you have to separate the phases, this procedure incorporates a number of cleansing and rejuvenating processes that will help you look young and maintain healthy skin. You can also look for hydrafacial in Melbourne via

How Does The Procedure Work?

The hydrafacial process is one type of Hydradermabrasion process. It consists of many procedures that are combined to achieve flawless results. This procedure includes:

• The cleansing process – This is the phase where the skin is thoroughly cleansed. All dead skin is exfoliated to leave a fresh, new layer of skin.

• Acid Peel – This skin is used to remove dirt stuck to the skin. Dissolve without causing skin irritation.

• Extraction and hydration – After the acid scale loosens the dirt, it is extracted using vortex suction. This suction helps open pores. Once the pores are open, they are hydrated with antioxidants and hyaluronic acid to nourish the skin and keep it young and healthy.

Important Facts About The Procedure

The HydraFacial procedure takes about 30-45 minutes. However, it may take longer when used on larger surfaces. Most people choose neck, face and chest technology.

However, it can be used in almost any part of the body. The results of this procedure are almost instantaneous and you will see the changes from the first procedure. Side effects are minimal and you may feel some irritation immediately after the procedure, but they usually go away in about 15 minutes.