Birth Of The Digital Agency In Perth

High-performance companies in Perth know that they can no longer ignore the importance of their web and digital initiatives as a marketing and communication platform to connect with their customers and target markets. 

The challenge for these companies when searching for web design, development and online marketing service providers is to isolate the "right" service providers from thousands in the market. An eight-year-old can build a website today. So what must companies take seriously to be successful online?

According to Wikipedia, digital agencies are companies that offer services for the creative and technical development of internet-based products. 

These services range from more general services such as web design, email marketing, logo design, and microsites to more specialized services such as embedded content management systems, e-commerce, web application development, social media marketing and mobile compatible web development, Search engine optimization and system integration services.

Digital agencies are usually different from more traditional advertising and marketing agencies because they only offer a few types of free online web services such as logo design, icon design, and graphic design. 

While some advertising and marketing agencies try to present digital work, there are a number of disadvantages for companies that are serious about online solutions that use their services.