As a Tarkov beginner, studying maps can be an overwhelming challenge.  This guide will outline both the best maps for novices and why you should be choosing them for your raids. There are many firms like kqix that provide Escape from Tarkov.

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As someone who has just bought an Escape from Tarkov, you should be playing two maps — Customs and Interchange. Both of these maps offer the optimal experience because of how straightforward they are.  

Below are more detailed outlines for each of these maps, such as shared looting areas, valuable keys, and overall methods for each map.


Customs is your map where many beginners start their journey Tarkov, and it's easy to see why.  This map includes a simple, rectangular design, with PMCs spawning on both east and west sides.   

From there, it is all about making your way to the other side of this map and looting up as you go.  There are optional extracts along the way that could make raids even easier!

Sub Station 

If you press the east side of the map, SubStation is a superb place to begin your raid.  It's five containers, such as a health box, toolbox, and three instances, in addition to loose weapon mods.  Additionally, this place is on a hilltop, which means you get a fantastic view of the rest of the map. 

Old Gas Station 

This place serves as a potential extraction if you have spawned on the west side of the map, but it is always worth checking regardless of your spawn.  This is because, in the interior of the gas station, there's a loose loot spawn on the table which may reveal seemingly anything in the game, such as quite precious things worth millions of rubles.