All You Need To Know About Bengal Cats

If you are looking for a friendly cat who is more than an inactive cat, then you must look for the powerful Bengal Cat. These cats are fabulous friends, but they are sure to keep you busy. You can also look for the best Bengal kittens for sale in the UK through various websites.

Here are some things that you need to know about Bengal cats:

1. Bengal has wild origins

The Bengal variety was achieved by joining small, wild Asian leopards with domesticated cats, providing the coveted “wild” appearance that people love—minus the feral invasion part.

2. Bengals have "shiny" fur

In the best light, Bengal fur can appear shimmering. This feature, also known as "polished", makes Bengal fur seem like golden fairy dust. Most breed enthusiasts agree that this unique trait further enhances the natural beauty of Bengal.

3. Bengals are highly trainable

The Bengal cat is a very smart breed. They love to discover new tricks and can be trained to execute simple commands such as plucking up a toy. They can even be prepared to walk on a leash with their owners!

These cats crave mental stimulation, so challenging their mind with things like interactive food and toy puzzles is essential.

4. They like water

Bengal has an unusual penchant for frolicking in the water. It is not surprising for Bengals to bathe with their owners. If you have one of these adorable cats, think of installing a motion-sensitive tap or a pet fountain so they can drink whenever they want.