A Guide To Coil Binding – One Of The Most Popular Binding Techniques

It isn't easy to decide on the most appropriate binding type for your needs from the various possibilities that are available. It is essential to know the benefits and distinctions of each binding style starting with choosing the best machine to choosing the materials required to complete the project. This article will focus on coil binding, which is one of the most popular binding methods.

Coil binding can also be referred to in the form of spiral binding. It makes use of plastic coils to create custom-designed booklets. Coil binding can be accomplished using either the manual or electric punch. You can find the best Spiral Coil Manufacturer on the internet with little research.

The binding pitch for coils is 4:1. After the pages have been punched according to the right hole pattern the coil is able to be inserted through the holes manually or by using an electronic coil inserter. To keep the coil in place and keep it from unraveling the coil, a specific set of pliers is used to cut and crimp the ends of the coil.

Poly Binding Coils

There are various sizes of plastic binding coils, some capable of storing only 30 pages, while others can hold up to the capacity of 460 pages.

The binding coils offer the broadest color selection of any type of binding and are a good option for those looking to make documents that feature corporate or team colors. 

The coil design permits the booklet to be flat when opened , and the cover is foldable inwards, revealing only one page. The only binding spine that is able to be handled with a hand-held device is the coil made of plastic. They are very durable.