4 Types of Excavation Services based on Materials Involved

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From installing a pool to constructing a complete building, excavation is used in almost every task. Being a crucial part of most construction projects, excavation requires professionals to use a wide range of tools and skills. The job involves removing different materials to prepare the site for new construction such as rocks, earth, soil, etc. Thus, depending on the material to be removed, excavation is divided into different types as follows:

  1. Topsoil Excavation: As the name indicates, it involves getting rid of the soil surface’s exposed or the topmost layer. Primarily, vegetation, the surface’s upper crust, and any decaying material form the part of the removed segments. The purpose is to remove materials that could make the soil unsuitable for bearing the load of the structure.
  2. Rock Excavation: When a rocky surface comes in the way of construction, it needs to be removed. And the type of excavation performed to do the same is called rock excavation. Being a challenging type, this excavation requires the use of specific techniques and tools for the proper removal of the concerned rocks.
  3. Muck Excavation: When soil and water combine, they form muck which can notoriously impede the excavation and construction works. Thus, there’s a specific fitting process followed to remove the muck that’s referred to as muck excavation. In this approach, the muck is either left open to dry or relocated to a different location.
  4. Earth Excavation: Here comes a simple process. In this, the layer below the topsoil is removed to pave way for the new construction.

If you are planning new construction, you might not know what materials you will encounter. However, professionals can help you with the right earthmoving equipment hire in Brisbane.