Dance/Rave Policy

1. No bags larger than a hand bag are allowed. This includes, but is not limited to: Laptop Bags, Backpacks, Duffle Bags, and messenger bags.
2. The Safety Staff will not watch bags/items for you.
3. The Safety Staff reserves the right to bar entry.
4. The Safety Staff may initiate a voluntary bag/pocket check for contraband.
5. Nothing attached to a string/chain that can be swung will be permitted.
6. No cosplay props or weapons are allowed into the Dance/Rave area, this includes lightsabers.
7. No fighting or dance fighting.
8. If you have a history of seizures, asthma, or heart attack, please avoid the Dance/Rave. The heat and flashing lights may trigger attacks.
9. Harassment will not be tolerated.