Programming FAQ

  1. What kind of programming should I expect during Anime Overload?
    Anime Overload will have a number of events to enjoy, including but not limited to, karaoke, gaming, anime music videos, dances, live music, cosplay contests and more!
  2. What time does Anime Overload start and end?
    Anime Overload registration begins early in the morning with content starting shortly after and runs late into the night. Our dances typically go till at least 2 AM and our gaming and video rooms run 24 hours.
  3. I really want to see a certain guest, can you invite him/her?
    You can always suggest any guests you want to see on the forums or by emailing Some guests are harder to get, or even impossible confirm. In the end, it may involve a factor we may or may not control.
  4. How can I run a panel at Anime Overload?
    Check out our panel submission form and give us an amazing panel idea! We’ll also post there if we need additional panelists for already listed panels.
  5. I don’t want to run a panel, but I want to suggest one. Can I?
    Check out our panel submission form and give us an amazing panel idea.
  6. I’m a cosplayer. How do I sign up for the Cosplay Contest?
    Check out our Cosplay Contest info page!
  7. Will you have any other cosplay events?
    Of course! Check out our events schedule!
  8. What kind of gaming can I expect in the gaming rooms?
    Check out our gaming page! We have everything from table top to arcade!
  9. I’m not 18 years old. Can I go to the 18+ panels anyway?
    No. 18+ content is for attendees who are 18 year’s old and older.
  10. I really want to go to two panels that are at the same time. Can you change the schedule?
    Unfortunately, no.